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World's Best Strawberry? Harry's Berries Organic Strawberries

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of a perfect strawberry. It’s light, fresh and…what else?

If you’re having a hard time conjuring the deeply floral, jammy, caramel-tinged aroma of fresh strawberries, it’s probably because you, like most consumers, rarely get to experience the wonder of a field-fresh strawberry.

Harry's Berries is a family farm established in 1966 by Harry Iwamoto, a Japanese immigrant who moved to the United States in the late 1950s.  Iwamoto initially was as a landscape gardener, but after he was told he could make more money as a farmer, he leased 11 acres of farmland in Oxnard and taught himself how to grow strawberries.  Shortly after he started growing strawberries, Iwamoto found his way to the Santa Monica Farmers market, where he was one of the first vendors.

Harry’s Berries is best known for its two heirloom varieties of strawberries, the Gaviota which has a strong berry perfume with a softer, juicer texture and Seascape, which has a lower acidity leve…

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