Fresh, Crisp, Juicy Goodness - Korean Pears

It's not too late to enjoy the fresh, crisp, juicy goodness of Melissa's Korean Pears. Directly imported from the fields of South Korea, our pears are prized for their large size, papery thin skins and crunchy bite. So don't let the season pass without discovering why these pears are one of a kind!  


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From Melissa's Kitchen:  

Asian Pear Crisp
Asian pear crisp is a new twist on an old recipe... it uses fresh, crisp and juicy Korean Pears for a wonderful old fashioned flavor.

Poached Korean Pears
This simple and delicious dessert is the perfect finish to a home cooked meal.

Korean Pear Sauce
Use this delicately light sauce to top your favorite savory or sweet dishes such as lamb chops, pies or ice cream; for something different, try it over a green salad for an added touch of sweetness.

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