Melissa's Grains of Distinction

Grains of Distinction
Man cannot live on white rice or bread alone!
Especially, when there are so many healthier grains out there to enjoy.
Ancient grains, once forgotten, have resurfaced into the spotlight
bringing forth not only better nutrition value,
but unique flavors and textures.

Melissa's is proud to present our "Grains of Distinction",
featuring three of the most nutrient-rich whole grains on the market;
A South American staple: Organic Red Quinoa, and two Mediterranean
favorites: Freekeh and Organic Farro. So power up your breakfast,
lunch, dinner or even dessert with these fiber and
protein rich "Grains of Distinction"!


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From Melissa's Kitchen:  

Farro Breakfast Patties
This delicious grain is so versatile you can make breakfast patties!  To stay in stride with a healthy lifestyle, try these patties and surprise your taste buds!

Red Quinoa Cheese Puffs
Adding this high protein grain to these delicious cheese puffs removes the guilt from such a sweet and savory treat!

Spaghetti and Freekeh Meatballs
Try this healthy and tasty version of an all time favorite! Using grains and soy taco makes this a great alternative for this traditional 

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