National Strawberry Day... Ever heard of it?

It is true, and thank goodness, there is such a day!  Strawberries are some of our most favorite fruits.  They are  versatile, healthy, and delicious.  

Strawberries are not only good to eat, they are also "good for us." They are an especially tasty source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). In fact, one cup of fresh strawberries provides about 88 milligrams of ascorbic acid, which more than meets the Recommended Daily Dietary allowance of 45 milligrams for the average adult. Vitamin C is well retained when the strawberries are handled carefully. Capping, injuring, cutting, or juicing, however, will reduce the vitamin content.

If you are not craving strawberries yet, how about now?

Here are a couple recipes for this glorious day:

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