Cathy Thomas Cooks! No Crying in Cooking: Pixie Tangerines

Pixies are here!
Late-ripening Melissa's Pixie tangerines are now in the marketplace. These juicy-sweet tangerines are grown on family farms in Ojai. Look for them at Gelson's, Mother's and Bristol Farms. Unlike most tangerine varieties, they are available through June.
I love to serve them with their "jackets" ready to slip off as seen in the photo taken at my grandson's first birthday.
Sharon Hernandez (co-owner of Melissa's Produce) showed me how to present them this way. Start at the top, a little below the stem. Use a thumb to break away a disk of peel, but leave about 3/4-inch attached to the lower portion of peel. Then work your way down to the bottom in a spiral, leaving the peel attached at the bottom. Voila!

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