Introducing Baby Kiwi - by Melissa's Produce

Introducing Baby Kiwi

by Dorothy on March 23, 2012
 Baby Kiwi Fruit I’ve been a kiwi fruit fan since I met them back in the dark ages (the early 1980s, if you must know, and thank you California Cuisine and chef Jeremiah Tower).
Beautiful, sweet and tart at the same time, artistic and fanciful, they charmed in many a fruit salad or applied to the top of a fresh fruit tart. (They went a little astray when chefs began to pair them with meat, but that’s another story.)
But that was then, and this is now.
Now, my fruit-loving friends, we have an abundance of fruity options. The now-ubiquitous kiwi is often overlooked. We want something newer, flashier, with more bling!
Baby Kiwi
We can have both, actually, with the Baby Kiwi, a tot-sized version of the larger fruit. (They are actual size here, on the right. Yes, I held one up to the screen to check!)
Baby kiwis are a cousin of the larger kiwi, and are about the size of a grape, or a grape tomato. (More on this pairing later.) Imported from Chile in early March, from New Zealand in mid-March to April, or domestically from California or Oregon growers in September to mid-October, you’ll find these in the produce section, in a 6-ounce clamshell package for about $3.50.
They’re super sweet, tender, more delicate than a full-size kiwi and without that fuzzy skin the large version sports. You eat the whole berry, skin and all!

What to do with Baby Kiwi

  • Use instead of cherry tomatoes to decorate the top of your salad.
  • Skewer for a cute appetizer or dessert, perhaps with a strawberry, other berries like a blueberry or blackberry, etc.
  • Skewer them for a different sort of Caprese appetizer with grape tomatoes, baby kiwi,  bocconcini (tiny fresh mozzarella balls), and a fresh basil leaf.
  • Cut in half and use them as edible decoration for nearly anything – pancakes, in fruit salad, on a cracker with some goat cheese…let your food imagination soar!
Look for these babies, and enjoy!

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