Red Table Restaurants - Huntington Beach, CA

16821 Algonquin
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Located in the Huntington Harbour Mall, 
at the west end of the Trader Joe’s building 
(parking available in rear lot)

Executive Chef Louie Jocson and Sous Chef Pumba Rivera

When I walked in and saw this sign, I know it was going to be a great meal!

Yelp Review: 5 Stars
Had a lunch visit yesterday here and was IMPRESSED!  Great atmosphere and local feel along with friendly staff.

I started with the Beet Salad and moved onto Bacon Wrapped Dates and the Spinach Salad.  Everything was fresh and very tasty!  I will definitely be going back.  

Special thanks to Mark and the chef for your recommendations!

Here are some photos of the Red Table:

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