"Ripe" and Melissa's at IACP

"Ripe" book signing recap from Nancy Rose

Melissa's recently partnered with Cheryl Sternman Rule (author) and Paulette Phlipot (photographer) of "Ripe, A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables" for their book launch party in NYC during IACP.  I met Cheryl at Camp Blogaway last year and through that connection Melissa's is prominently featured in both the Sources & Resources and the Bibliography sections of the book.  We are also supporting additional book signing events over the next few months.  http://ripecookbook.com/?page_id=7

The NY event at Rizzoli's Bookstore was a big success and both Cheryl and Paulette felt that Melissa's participation was perfect.  We had a nice display, we were also verbally acknowledged several times, and customers who purchased a copy of the book were delighted to receive a bag of Melissa's Ojai Pixie Tangerines and a Melissa's reusable tote bag.  During the rest of the conference I had several people tell me how much they loved getting these from the book event.

This was a very special week for Cheryl and Paulette, and it was capped off by Cheryl receiving the 2012 IACP Award for Best Culinary Blog (http://5secondrule.typepad.com/).  I also predict a nomination for next year's IACP Cookbook Awards for "Ripe".

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