Giving Back to the Community with Bristol Farms

Manhattan Beach, a city of lovely homes and tree lined streets, was the venue from this past weekends Breakfast with Jamie Gwen.

We were honored to be a part of this great event with Chef Jamie Gwen and the Bristol Farms crew.  Melissa's Produce was able to bring several dishes featuring Pixie Tangerines, Steamed Beets, Melissa's Soy Taco, and Tomatillo Sauce.

There was close to 100 people in attendance and enough freebies to go around!  Needless to say, the healthy breakfast, fun atmosphere, and welcoming spirit of Bristol Farms was more than enough to convince us to do it again!  We are looking forward to our next event with Chef Jamie and Bristol Farms!

To find more pictures, maybe some of yourself, check out our Facebook photo album!

 Jim Riley from Azunia Tequila
"In the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, lies the world’s most perfect soil and climate for growing Weber Blue Agave."

 "The life of a modern chef is adventurous and inspirational, a blend of work, family and travel, meeting amazing people in amazing places." - Chef Michael Moore

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