>>RECIPE<< Melissa's Pixie Tangerine and Beet Salad

Recipe: Melissa's Pixie Tangerine and Beet Salad

If you had the opportunity to enjoy this tasty salad and would like to re-create it, here is the recipe:

- 4 Pixie Tangerines, segmented +1 for dressing
- 2 Boxes of Melissa's Steamed Baby Beets, quartered
- 4 Apple Pears
- 1/2 cup of Bleu Cheese, crumbled
- 1/4 cup of Mint Leaves, chopped
- 2 cups Mixed Greens
- 1/4 cup Seasoned Rice Vinegar 
- 1/4 cup Pixie Tangerine Juice
- Salt and Pepper, to taste

Here is what one lucky individual thought of the salad:

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