3 Things to Avoid When Juicing

To juice or not to juice?  That's not the question.  The question is what shouldn't you juice, or what I call, "Simple Rules to avoid juicer malfunction, indigestion, and worse."

Have you ever wondered, "should I put "X" through my juicer?"  Or, "Can I juice Apple seeds?"

Here are a couple things to look out for when juicing:

1. Citrus Rinds (Oranges, Grapefruits): Not the end of the world if you do, but citrus peels like oranges and grapefruits contain and indigesitble oil that's hard on our stomachs. Lemons and limes are excluded from this list as they are fine to juice whole.

2. Papaya Peels: Besides for tearing up your juicer, these are not edible and cannot be juiced.

3. Apple Seeds: While many people like the convenience of just throwing a whole apple into the juicer, I do not for this reason: The seeds contain a small amount of arsenic and really shouldn't be juiced. While the juicer usually removes them safely, I just think its better not to juice them (it's also easier on your juicer!).

A good rule of thumb in wondering if you can juice something or not is to ask yourself if it's edible. If it is, then most times you can juice it. If it isn't, then stay clear.

If you know of some other indigestible/unjuiceable fruits and veggies in your area that I missed out on please feel free to leave a comment with your experience!

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