Melissa's Red Savina Tequila

     Melissa's Red Savina Tequila

       Are you brave enough to try this deliciously spicy infusion?

What you'll need-

Melissa's Red Savina Habanero Peppers 
(as many as you can handle, but 2-3 will do the trick!)

1 Liter of Tequila (100% agave)

 You'll need a pair of plastic gloves, and make sure that you're wearing them while handling and slicing the habaneros. Getting oils from the peppers can be extremely painful if they come in contact with your skin or eyes. 


1. Slice and de-seed pepper as shown above. 

2. Add slices to a mason (or any resealable) jar.

3. Clean all surfaces and knife thoroughly after use.

4. Pour tequila into the jar, reseal it and let it rest for 5 hours at room temp. After 5 hours you should taste it to see if it's as strong as you desire, if you want stronger flavor just let it sit longer. 

5. When you have the spiciness you desire, take the peppers out, or strain through a cheesecloth into a separate jar. Seal jar and enjoy your 
Red Savina Tequila for the next 5 months! Although it will have the best 
original flavor during the first month! 

Enjoy and Good Luck!!! 

Let us know how your spicy tequila turned out by posting pictures 
or videos to our facebook page!

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