Product Feature: Star Fruit #WhatsInSeason

Starfruit aka Carambola


A popular fruit of wealthy Europeans in the late 1700's, Star Fruit or Carambola was introduced to America only 75 years ago. A native fruit of Southeast Asia and India, Star Fruit became an established fruit in Hawaii by way of Chinese immigrant traders. Arriving in Florida, Star Fruit has since made the state the largest producer of all American-consumed Star Fruit. Named for the 5 pointed star shaped slices it yields, Star Fruit's pale yellow, juicy flesh contains a few, small, flat seeds and a distinctly tropical flavor. The thin, edible, lime green skin ripens to a bright yellow, with a waxy sheen. Usually sliced fresh as an elegant addition to salads, buffet platters and desserts, Star Fruit from Melissa's is available in a new jumbo size from Taiwan.

Selection, Storage & Handling:
Melissa's Star Fruit are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose firm, glossy-skinned fruit with no signs of bruising. Note that browning on the tips of the ridges is simply a sign of ripeness. Keep refrigerated in a paper or plastic bag for about one week. Slices may also be frozen.

Except for the seeds, the entire Star Fruit is edible. After washing, Star Fruit may be enjoyed eaten out of hand or the peel skin and slice into a fruit salad.

Spicy Tropical Fruit Salsa:

Spicy Tropical Fruit Salsa

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