How Can You Tell if an Avocado is Ripe?

A while back, we posted an awesome graphic on our Facebook Page with three quick things to observe to tell if your Avocado is ripe.  Granted, the most common way to tell if an Avocado is ripe is by feel: "Apply gentle pressure and if the Avocado and it should give with mild pressure."

Well, when I saw this representation on Pinterest, I had to re-post! 

Anyways, after posting, we have a few comments from our fans and thought this information might be relevant to you!  Here are the questions, followed by answers from our resident produce expert, Robert Schueller...

1) How about if there are dark spots inside on the edible parts?

- The spots inside mean the fruit is overripe.... typically a few dark spots is not to worry.. but if the avocado is mainly dark you waited too long on it and won't taste all that good.

2) What if the button is already missing!???

- The avocado is ripen when the button easily pops out, if it doesn't pop out easy then the avocado is not ripe enough....

3) What does that part look like if the avocado is under ripe?

- If the button is missing, the avocado has been ripe for some time... you got to understand that the fruit you find in the store is clipped above the stem leaving a button... I can not speak for ripeness of the fruit you find at the farmers market or in your backyard. The general rule it "soft to the touch", like most fruits.

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