Top 3 Hatch Chile Recipes of 2013

As we conclude another delicious year of Hatch Chiles, we wanted to highlight the winning recipes from the first annual Hatch Match recipe contest.  To quickly recap, #HatchMatch was used to enter enter the contest and voting for the best recipe was voted on, by our Facebook Fans.

Now, hopefully you ordered enough Hatch Chiles to last you until next year.  If you didn't I'm not sure that you should scroll down any further... there may be consequences I am not yet aware of.  

And here they are.... drum dollr please.... From 3rd place to 1st place:

Paleo Foodie Kitchen's Hatch Chile Layered Stack

Now, I know what you are thinking,"I could never make something like that."  Ok, that's what I was thinking, but have no fear, Melissa's has gracefully published a cook book with over 150 recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing!  Order your Hatch Chile Cookbook from Melissa's HERE or order one on Amazon HERE

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