Freaky Halloween Food Ideas - #FreakyFruits

Neon orange shell…pointy thorns…bright green goo. Think these are components of a Halloween costume? Wrong: it’s just what a Kiwano melon wears everyday.

We all know that when it comes to Halloween, fresh produce rarely if ever enters the picture. Little boxes of raisins, those most despised of all trick-or-treat snacks, fall into treat bags with a disappointing thud. Celery sticks dipped in ranch dressing and disguised as “goblin fingers” continue to be, well, celery sticks, and split bananas with ghost faces drawn on are still just bananas. Not terribly exciting, at least not on Halloween.

What is exciting? Scaly Cherimoyas, hairy Rambutans, hulking Jackfruit…the things that looked weird in your fruit basket yesterday suddenly fit right in on your Halloween buffet. And—guess what?—it turns out they’re delicious enough to enjoy all year. They’re really good for you. They’re weird, they’re wonderful. They’re Freaky Fruits.

So is it possible to create a Halloween menu that’s fun, exciting and will engage kids? Definitely! Get creative and tailor your menu to your kids’ costumes. These Freaky Fruits are already so spectacular, it doesn’t take much to decorate them. Check out the list below of our favorite Freaky Fruits ideas for Halloween, and ways you can tailor them to 2013’s most popular Halloween costumes:

These brightly colored yellow melons have small spikes but a soft shell that is easy to carve and fun to decorate.
Try turning them into minions from Despicable Me!

2.       SUGAR WORMS:
These candied Buddha’s Hand Citron pieces taste amazing—almost like lemony lucky charms—and they make great homemade gummy worms.
If your daughters are dressing as princesses, don’t dress them as worms and dirt. Arrange them in the shapes of magic wands on pink plates.

Indescribably delicious and loved by almost everybody we’ve ever seen taste one, passion fruit is a real star. Your little Sulley or Mike from Monster’s Inc. will love digging into Tiny Mikes. They’re also fun to make! 

Little Buzz Lightyear will love this filling Chia Seed and limeade “Rocket Fuel.” Lots of protein and fiber make this a great pre-trick-or-treating snack that can help you feel full and minimize candy binging.

Remember to have fun, and Happy Halloween!

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