A New Season Brings New Menu Items at Dodger Stadium

Eating Well at Dodger Stadium with #HealthyOptions

The new season brings new food options for Dodgers fans who have several choices beyond the traditional ballpark Dodger Dog, including the Italian-inspired fare at Tommy Lasorda's Trattoria, Healthy Options at the Clubhouse Marketplace, and 5 star dining in the Dugout Club.

Yes, It’s true the more you pay, the better your options. As seen here in the Dodgers Dugout Club, where you can just have a hunk of meat hacked off and served up to you on a plate, fresh fruits and vegetables grilled to perfection (right in front of your face), and an array of salad and drink options.  WOW! 

Even if you find yourself in the cheap seats, you can head to the Club level where the Marketplace offers gluten-free snacks as well.  The Clubhouse Marketplace is located on the Club Level at the top of the escalators.  Here you will find fresh cut fruit, coconut water, whole fruit/packs of grapes and other healthy options.

While this isn't a totally gluten free menu, you can get a Dodger Dog without the bun if you’re really hankering for the experience, and possibly even a Frito Pie Dog without the bun, although I’m not sure about the chili situation. I thought there were also gluten-free buns available at Dodger Stadium, but the lady running the food show said they just brought those in for special events. ! But still, there is that lovely gluten-free beer.

Have you eaten well, and gluten-free, at Dodgers Stadium?

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