7 Wonders of the Tailgating World (Food Edition)

For the die-hard football fan, this season couldn't have come soon enough.  After all those days full of reruns, drafts, and mindless Sunday afternoons, it's finally tailgate time!  No matter which team you root for, fall football season is one of the best excuses to get together with friends and family for fantastic food and drinks.

To start this season off right, we've stacked up 7 of the best tailgate foods and finger foods for you this year!

7 Wonders of the Tailgating World (Food Edition)

1. Party Chili

2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 medium Maui Onions or available Sweet Onion chopped (12 ounces)
1 Organic Bell Pepper (use Green Bell Pepper) chopped
1 rib Organic Celery chopped
1 clove Peeled Garlic minced
1 1/2 pounds Soy Taco
2 cans (14½ ounce) Whole Peeled Tomatoes
2 (12.3 ounce) pkgs Steamed, Ready-to-Eat Six Bean Medley
1 can (8 ounce) Tomato Sauce
2 tablespoons Chile Powder
1 1/2 teaspoons Ground Cumin
1 teaspoon Kosher Salt
1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
Ground Cayenne Pepper to taste

2. Potato Salad

3 pounds Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes roasted and cut into bite size wedges
Olive Oil
Organic Grinders use Garlic Herb Sea Salt to taste
3 Jalapeno Chile use Green Jalapeno seeded, deveined, and coarsely chopped
2 cups Cilantro chopped
1 1/2 Organic Shallots chopped
2 cloves Organic Garlic *Roasted and chopped
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Cider vinegar
1/2 cup Cotija Cheese
Cilantro finely minced to your taste

3. Chicken Wings

36 Chicken Drumettes
Sea Salt to taste
Freshly Ground Pepper to taste
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Chicken Broth
1 each Dried Savina Ruby Hot Chile -- rehydrated
1 pinch Sea Salt

4. Quesadilla

4 large Flour Tortillas
3 cups Shredded Cheddar-Jack Cheese
3 New Mexico Hatch Chiles -- roasted, peeled and seeded, diced

5. Skewers

1/2 Organic Pineapple peeled and cored
2 Organic Mango peeled halved and pitted
1 Strawberry Papayas peeled, halved and seeded
1 Tropical Dragon Fruit peeled
1 Kiwi peeled
12 Lychee peeled and pitted
1/4 Red Watermelon (use Seedless Watermelon)
6 Skewers

6.  Salsa Fresca

2 cups Organic Roma Tomatoes diced
1/2 Red onion diced
1 1/2 New Mexican Hatch Chiles roasted skinned seeded and diced
1/2 bunch Cilantro chopped 6 Key Limes juice freshly squeezed
Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste

7.  Grilled Shishito Peppers

1 pound Shishito Peppers
Canola Oil, as needed
1 cup Soy Sauce
1 Lemon, zested and juiced
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, if desired

What's your favorite Tailgate Food?  Tell us in the comments below and you could win a copy of our Hatch Chile Cookbook!

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