13 Delicious Ways to Cook Chayote

Chayote Squash 

Have you ever tried Chayote before? This squash is one of the most popular vegetables in Latin America and Asia and is quickly becoming a favorite in Europe as well. While you may never have noticed Chayote, now that you’re in the know you’ll see it most grocery stores. This summer, give this tasty squash a try. 

Chayote is a member of the gourd family (along with melons, cucumbers and squash). Like summer squash and zucchini, Chayote has a mild taste that serves as a delicious sponge for other flavors in cooked dishes. It’s perfect sauted, in soups, in stir-fries and baked. It can also be used raw like a cucumber, chopped, shaved thin for salads or even pickled—and yes, the seeds are edible. 

When you see Chayote in the store, look for smooth green skin and pick a chayote that feels heavy for its size. At home, keep the Chayote in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for up to one week, and use it! For recipe inspiration, check out the 13 ideas below, and let us know how it goes! 

13 Delicious Ways to Cook Chayote Squash

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