PopSugar Food's Top 10 Superfoods + Giveaway!

From Acai to Chia Seeds, Superfoods have been the rage in the culinary world.  Adding these ingredients to menus/dishes have been producing global benefits; such as flourishing farm regions around the world, increased awareness of nutritional values, and good will throughout the food industry.

A recent video with Brandi Milloy, from PopSugar Food, suggested these are the Top 10 Superfoods that you need to be eating on a regular basis.  

10)  Golden Berries (Cape Gooseberries)
9)  Cocoa Nibs
8)  Flaxseed
7)  Acai Powder
6)  Brussels Sprouts
5)  Turmeric
4)  Chia Seeeds
3)  Beets
2)  Maca Root Powder
1)  Red Wine

Find out why they are so healthy, as well as, inspiration on how to use them in the video below:

From Acai to Turmeric — 10 Superfoods to Try Right Now
These nutrient-packed foods are here to stay!
Posted by PopSugar Food on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Superfoods Giveaway Below:

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