Tropical Dragon Fruit Salad Recipe

Tropical Dragon Fruit Salad Recipe:

This tropical fruit salad recipe is a colorful mixture of tropical fruit sweetened with coconut water and can be served in a hollowed out half of a dragon fruit.  Perfect for entertaining!

1 Red Dragon Fruit
1 White Dragon Fruit
1 Melissas Baby Pineapple or White Pineapple
Water from 1 Melissas Sweet Young Coconut

- Slice, dice, or ball all the fruit into a mixing bowl. 
- Dress with water from 1 Melissas Sweet Young Coconut. 
- Mix gently together with a folding motion so that all fruit is coated generously with coconut water.  
- Garnish with a sprig of mint or cilantro and serve in a fruit cup or small parfait glass.

NOTE: Coconut water will take on some of the magenta color from the red dragon fruit as will the fruit pieces, creating an enticing pink tint to the entire dish.

Serves 2-4.

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